Who’s got the time?

We do!  Check out our awesome new clocks from our friends at Modern Moose. Pendulum styles with quartz movement are delightfully hypnotizing while 3-D styles make a great statement in any room.  Made of lightweight natural birch and printed with non-toxic inks these clocks make for an amazing baby shower gift or birthday gift.  As their slogan says, “Produced in Mass.  Not Mass Produced.”  We’re pretty sure you’ll love them too!

Fun and Fantasy with Siaomimi Play

If you know Picnic then you know how much we like our little ones to get silly and use their imaginations!  You also know how much we LOVE great style, great quality and a bit of whimsy!

Enter Siaomimi Play, our favorite (hands down) dress up line.  All of the great details that you have come to expect from Siaomimi are incorporated into this amazingly fun, playful and enchanting line.  Items are limited quantity which means you should get them before they are gone… trust us, you will never be embarrassed about your child wearing a cape out of the house ever again.

Our new favorite outdoor activity.

If you know Brooklyn, then you know that our sidewalks are filled with scooters and the kiddies that ride them.  And now that springtime is officially here our parks are full of trikes and bikes of every shape and size… enter Chalktrail.

It’s the perfect mix of outdoor fun and pure creativity.  Attach Chalktrail to the rear wheel of any bicycle, tricycle or (most) scooters and let them ride!  They’ll help to beautify the neighborhood as they work off all of that incredible energy!

Each set comes with one piece of Chalktrail chalk.  Additional chalk sold separately.


Hoppy Easter! We will be closed on Easter Sunday.

Just a reminder to all of you bunnies and chicks out there… Picnic will be OPEN today, Saturday, April 19th, during regular store hours (10:30am – 6pm).  We will be CLOSED on Easter Sunday, April 20th for the holiday and will resume regular store hours Monday morning.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience.  Happy Hopping!!!

Looking for the perfect gift… online?

So, you live in Michigan but you want to get your Brooklyn friend a FABULOUS new baby gift from a local children’s boutique?  We’ve heard your requests and we listened!  Picnic gift cards are now available online in many denominations!  For specific amounts please call us at the shop during normal business hours – 718-237-0670.  Happy Picnic-ing!


A hint of fantasy…

There seems to be a trend out there in the world of kids fashion that has slowly been emerging over the past few years… it may have started with those great superhero tees with the capes that velcro on and off, you know the ones that Gap Kids did for a while that every neighborhood boy wore threadbare… it may have started even earlier than that…  the Disney princesses certainly have a hand in promoting the trend as well… though we’re not so sure about those polyester ball gowns outside of the home…

In anycase, I distinctly remember my trunk of dress up clothes as a child in the early 80’s.  I had my mom’s old (luxurious) silk nightgown from her honeymoon.  Some GREAT costume jewelry that my aunts had picked up at various weddings and bar mitzvahs and some bits and bobs from Halloween and Purim costumes past that I could put together into a completely dashing ensemble.

Dressing up has come a long way since then.  Just take a look at one of our favorite collections, Siaomimi, that has recently launched a “spin off” line called Siaomimi Play.  Designer Hilda Yim’s original collection already had a nod to the whimsy and fantasy of chidhood but her Play line takes all of that to the next level.

The superhero tee and supergirl dress are elevated to a level where they can be worn out to lunch with the hippest kicks and accessories.  The pirate tee (complete with head scarf and eye patch) is cool enough to make Jake jealous and the tutus are so hip and modern that you could pair them with a vintage tee for an early 80’s Madonna look.

Of course, there are tiaras… but not plastic, hurt your head, rip out your hair, glitter shedding tiaras… These are soft, fabric headbands with beautiful gem detail.  As a mom of a two year old I have tried and tested these on my own head for many hours playing princess and I can tell you first hand, they are awesome.  There is even a ballerina dress that we have almost sold out of at Picnic within just three days!  Everyone is buying it as a dress for their daughter’s to wear out and about – either to Disneyworld or to their birthday party – it’s that cute!

In short, we’ve come a LONG way since the painted trunk of witch hats and sequins in my childhood bedroom, but one thing remains the same… letting your child’s imagination run wild is a wonderful thing… let Siaomimi Play help you do it in style…


Spring Baby Gifts – All about COLOR!

It seems like here in Brooklyn that this arctic, snowy, slushy winter will never end…  the streets are messy, the strollers are sliding all over and our kiddies are just begging for one nice day to hit the playground.

We know this “polar vortex” business won’t last forever so as our spring collections begin to trickle in we’ve decided to focus on the one thing that always gives us a warm and sunny feeling – babies!  Yes!  The spring babies are coming and with them we have a ton of colorful, happy lines that will keep them cool and stylish in those warm months!

In this week are Masala Baby, one of our perennial Picnic spring favorites that always sells out before the season even hits!  We love their fabulous bollywood beach aesthetic as well as their cute, 2 piece silhouettes that make for easy diaper changes!  Plus, the fabrics are designed by a local Brooklyn mom!

Also making its Picnic debut is the LA based line Miki Miette!  Designed AND produced right here in the USA we love designer Sawako Yamauchi’s use of Japanese stying mixed with a cool, urban color palatte.  Made from the softest cotton these styles are the perfect balance between edgy and sweet.


Holly Romper Jelly Dot

“The wheels on the subway (or bus) go round and round…”

Here’s the thing of it… we’ve NEVER met a kid (here at Picnic anyway) that didn’t love a bus, train, car or plane…

So, imagine our excitement when we found these amazing wooden subway cars and buses from Munipals!  These fabulously detailed trains work perfectly with all of the Brio (and Thomas the Train for Brio) train tracks and sets which makes them even more fantastic for those families who have already started building their cities!  Add in the Nova or Orion wooden bus for hours of urban fun, right in your own living room!

A great NYC gift for those who live around the world, or just around the corner!

NovaBus QTrain GTrain

These are a few of our favorite things…

This season Picnic teamed up with the fabulous team over at Brunch With My Baby to come up with a holiday gift guide for our favorite kiddies from Brooklyn and beyond!

Below are a few of our categories and some items that we think will make any kid swoon…

…prettiest in pink…because that is all she will wear…


Party Doll Dress by I Love Gorgeous


…i’m so Brooklyn (or I live in Stockholm and just think Brooklyn is so cool)…


My Subway Ride Book


…i’m a caped crusader (whenever I’m not too busy learning to tie my shoes)…


Make Your Own Superhero Kit by Seedling

…i feel a little “fa la la la la”…

11MYOSG-Snow Globe-H

Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit by Seedling

Of course, if you ever need any further suggestions about our fabulous holiday gift options (and trust us, there are zillions) just give us a call during normal store hours… we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Also, you should totally subscribe to Brunch With My Baby… not only is it a rockin’ blog with a great foodie twist, but it’s run by two awesome moms… enough said!

Check out the full article here:

Brunch With My Baby – Picnic Holiday Gift Guide



With the start of fall comes the start of holiday season… and we love them all!  Family dinners, parties and gatherings, things that celebrate the special moments of the year when we are together making wonderful memories for our children (and for ourselves as well).

The girls from I Love Gorgeous certainly know how to dress our little gals for all of their special moments.  Designers Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington have been dressing London’s tiniest socialites since they began designing together in 2006.  With fans ranging from Kate Moss to Sam Taylor-Wood and Stella Tennant these ladies cater to fashionable set while staying true to the whimsy that comes with childhood.

This season we love the Starry Night Dress in pink for its relaxed silhouette and beautiful gold details.  We’re also coveting the juniper colored Glacier Dress that makes us think of decadent desserts and hot cocoa by the fire.  We’d wear either of them with the Lurex Cardigan which is a perfect accent to any outfit – fancy or otherwise!

Try it once and YOU’LL Love Gorgeous too…


Tooby Doo…we LOVE you!

Really, though, we absolutely love Tooby Doo… from the day we opened our doors Tooby Doo has been flying off of our racks, and why?  It is classic without being stuffy, comfortable without being sloppy and colorful without being wacky.  It appeals to grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles and all of those in between.  It washes well, looks extremely high end and has great details that are sure to make you smile.

Check out some of our latest fall styles from Tooby Doo… if you are looking for a gift or for your very own munchkin you won’t be disappointed…

ToobyDooBaby5 ToobyDooBaby4 ToobyDooBaby3 ToobyDooBaby2 ToobyDooBaby1

THE BOSS is finally here!

It feels like at least once a week someone comes into the store asking for either a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt or a Bon Jovi t-shirt for kids.  Now, granted, we do live in a major metropolitan area where New Jersey is one of our closest neighbors… so, I get it…

Unfortunately until now none of the manufacturers out there were making anything cute enough to merit a purchase but FINALLY Rowdy Sprout has answered our prayers!

Of course, we have plenty of other rock stars to choose from… Ozzy Osbourne is so awesome and 70’s chic… Led Zeppelin is a continual fan favorite… The Who is great for Anglophiles and AC/DC just makes us want to rock.