Nothing says spring like Pink Chicken.

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal.  It’s a time to run outside again, to kick up your heels and get that bohemian feeling back again!  Breathe deep, get some sunshine on your face and enjoy the weather!

We really do love all of the spring lines we have in here at Picnic, but we must say that few embody that bohemian spirit better than Pink Chicken.  Designed in New York by mom, Stacey Fraser these are exactly the dresses (and skirts, tops, pants etc.) that we want to toss on our little ones before they scramble out the door.

Check out Pink Chicken’s latest delivery… we promise, you’ll want it all…

fern blue

Fern Dress

mollie purple

Mollie Dress

hope 2 pc set orange

Hope 2pc Set